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Reaching out, teaching, preaching & coaching - Practical Theology

 "... You did NOT choose me, I chose you..." - Jesus ( John 15:16 )

Throughout the years we learned that there is a major need for  training in the area of Evangelism, Discipleship training  &  Christian Life Coaching.

Some of the  "challenges"  are...,

* Many people do Not have the time, or the money to go to a Bible School.

* They would not know Where to go..., What to do..., Or..., How to start.

It is our desire to offer some training in this area.

We are making ourselves available to come and train those who are interested in having a "Discipleship Training Seminar" at your church or fellowship.

The area of our teaching could be:

* Practical Evangelism and Discipleship 

* Leadership training

* Marriage and Family relationships

Church Development

* The Holy Spirit


* Worship 

Our topics could be adjusted to the needs of each individual fellowship (We are open for suggestions).

Our approach:

Next to praying for God's direction in what and how to teach this D. T. S., we would like to find out from you :

(a) What God is already doing at your fellowship.

(b) The age range of your fellowship ( Who, and how many will participate in this school)

(c) What kind of people do you want to reach.

(d) How much time are you willing to invest to have us Teach and Train your people.

(e) What are your people willing to do.

(f) How far are your people willing to go. ( "Personal Sacrifice")

The Cost:

This would create a sense of accountability and it will help us with our expenses. ( Travel, Food, lodging, other.... ). We are able and willing to do our part when you are willing to do yours. We are suggesting that any person who would attend these classes would pay a small registration fee.

When you have any questions or concerns, please write this to us, and we will back to you as soon as we can. Our e-mail address is: kcmi.usa (@)