King's Commission Ministries International

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Prayer - Teaching - Outreach & Discipleship Ministry

Him we preach,warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom.
That we might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

                                                          -- Colossians 1:27-28

We are reaching out to the existing church & to the growing motorcycle community ...


Pieter and JoAnne Bos


Born in The Netherlands, Pieter Bos  is a minister, author, teacher, pastor, conference speaker, educator, motorcycle chaplain (CMA), and an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1993, Together with his wife JoAnne, he became the founder of King's Commission Ministries International.

The degrees of Pieter Bos include a doctorate.  - Majoring in Practical Theology, and Christian Counseling.  (From: An accredited seminary)

Pieter has many years of experience in Professional Clinical Counseling, Christian Counseling, Biblical teaching, lecturing and preaching.
Incl.4000+ hrs. of counseling experience at a State Licensed residential counseling center. 

Graduation picture below: 

Dr. Pieter G.K.M. Bos  Ph.D. (L) with 
Dr. Henry Harbuck Ph.D. Th.D.(R) -
President, Omega Bible Institute and Seminary ('06)


Ministry credentials

Pieter is an ordained minister with the  Dutch VPE. (Umbrella organisation of the Dutch Evangelical & Pentecostal church)

And with the American Assemblies of God.

JoAnne is credentialed through Christ for Nations Int. Dallas TX.


* Minister of Outreach;  

* Minister Associate / Teacher, at an affiliated Four Square Church.

* Pastor / Teacher / Counselor / Facility / Program and Area Director at the Teen Challenge Training Centers in Pennsylvania and in Washington.

* Senior Pastor in Conway Washington.

* Pastor Chaplain  and member of the Christian Motorcycle association (CMA) -  in Oregon.

* Volunteer President (CMA). - [Motorcycle outreach ministry].

* Author of the Book,  "Known Before Birth". (see link)