"Ministering In & Outside of the "Boat..."

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Photo Gallery

Ministry In Brazil - 2013

Chi Alpha - ministry

Pastors; church leaders; & lay people at the altar

Youth group - DTS

Radio ministry

Substance abuse ministry - for man & woman

Motorcycle ministry (CMA)

Pastor Pieter Bos - 2013

JoAnne (r) with Milkman Mike (RIP) - The "Road Maggots"

Evangelizing / praying at a biker rally

Ministering in, Montana, USA

Form of transportation in Alaska

Ministering to the priests at the monastery in Austria

Monastery in Guttenstein, AT.

Preaching at a Internationl church in Amsterdam, NL.

Teaching at a home group in Neunkirchen, AT.

Church at Fossil ABATE-"biker" campout.(2016)

At a Bulgarian Roma-Gypsy church...

Bringing the presence of Christ to the biker world...

Ministering at the Oregon State capital ...

"Church service at the ABATE Fossil Biker rally.

Ministering at Fossil ABATE-"biker" campout.(2017)

"... Called to be a shepherd to those who are saved; A fisherman for those who are lost; A farmer who plant seeds,.... And a bridge builder to those who burned their bridges in the past , and do not know how to come back..."