King's Commission Ministries International

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Prayer - Teaching - Outreach & Discipleship Ministry

* Preaching the Word of God - (from the Bible)

Praying for... , and with those who need it ....

* Presenting Jesus Christ in,  and outside of the walls of the church building.

* Empasizing :

- Prayer

- The Holy Spirit

- Holy living

- God's Grace 

- Leading people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

* Mobilizing the church through teaching practical Evangelism and Discipleship.

* Teaching Leadership Seminars

* Marriage and Family Relationship Seminars

* Encouraging, Building & Strengthening the body of Christ. -- Raising the banner ~ Isaiah 62:10

* Being a (volunteer) Pastor to the growing motorcycle community, & member of the Christian Motorcycle Association <CMA>

* Speak at motorcycle rallies / services ...

... Reaching out to the lost...

And...,Turning Christians in to Disciples ...



This ministry is depending on God's provision, using people who want to be a part of fulfilling the "Great Commission". When you too want to be involved, please let us know, and we gladly send you our newsletter.

You are also able to use our pay pal link to to send your support.

C/O: Pieter and JoAnne Bos E-mail:  KCMI.USA @ GMAIL.COM  

Thank you for your support !!!